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A day in a life of a work from home UX designer and mother

An overview of what a typical (paid) work day may entail from the perspective of a tired and over-stretched parent and UX designer*

Marwa Khalil
3 min readApr 8, 2022


Rise and shine!

6:30 — Try to wake up and get ready
6:40 — Make breakfast for children and take vitamins (If I remember)
7:00 — Get one of two children ready
7:20 — Have coffee whilst children have breakfast
7:35 — Make children presentable for nursery
7:45 — Put shoes and coats on. Kisses goodbye as they leave for a full day of adventure
7:46 — Put the laundry load of the day on
7:50— Drink the remainder of a now cold coffee. Microwave it.
7:54 — Finish getting ready
8:00 — Open laptop
8:01 — Check emails and messages
8:04 — Look at my day ahead. Think about all the meeting I have
8:10 — Work on designs a ticket the keeps on hanging around
8:45 — Work on designs for a larger project
9:00 — Tea/ Meeting
9:20 — Figure out what I will do for the rest of the day
9:30 — Design team stand up
10:00 — Meeting
11:00 — Design concepts for another project
11:40 — Tea. Leave some at the bottom of the cup
11:55 — Walk around the house tidying up before a meeting. (Also, pick up a snack)


12:00 — Stand up with the Romanian team. Review that pesky ticket.
12:30 — Get lunch ready and unload the dishwasher and/or hang up laundry
13:15 — Design a little
14:00 —Meeting
14:30 — Meeting and tea

Three o’clock slump

15:00 — Meeting and now cold tea
15:30 — Make snacks and prep the children’s dinner
15:40 — Design some more
16:30 — Pick up children from nursery
16:50 — Clean up and provide snacks
16:55 — Dinner prep

The last leg

17:30 — Fold yesterdays dry laundry whilst making sure the children don’t fight
17:45 — Finish making dinner
18:00 — Family dinner
18:40 — Clean up floor, dining area, and kitchen
19:00 — Bedtime routine for children
20:00 — Finish cleaning kitchen and tidy living room
20:30 — Watch TV
21:30 — My bedtime routine
22:00 — Sleep


Here is a chart that will make it easier:

Chart and data by Marwa Khalil

*I am actually tired and very over-stretched…

Thank you for reading

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