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42 things I did to improve my life in 2021

A very self-indulgent list of the things I achieved this year that made me happy.


  1. Started working from home
  2. Got ergonomic furniture for my office
  3. Saw a nutritionist
  4. Started an online shop
  5. Started flower arrangement
  6. Unsubscribed to emails as and when I stopped wanting them
  7. Worked on my portfolio
  8. Wore more sunscreen
  9. Made my child’s birthday cake
  10. Made my own birthday cake
  11. Started to double cleanse
  12. Bought what I needed from sales not what I wanted
  13. Donated old clothes
  14. Picked up photography again
  15. Got rid of old toys and books
  16. Started Bodypump
  17. Used stickers, gifs, and Bitmoji avatars when messaging
  18. Got a house plant or two
  19. Read Invisible Women
  20. Got an Emma mattress
  21. Reorganised my spices
  22. Started lunchtime walks
  23. Wore pink (not just on Wednesdays)
  24. Redecorated a little
  25. Hung some pictures up
  26. Pressed flowers
  27. Learnt a new family favourite meal
  28. Added more vegetables into existing favourites
  29. Bought vintage books
  30. Sent thank you cards
  31. Went to bed earlier. Slept more
  32. Organised my wardrobe
  33. Went to the cinema after four years
  34. Bought quality gym wear
  35. Subscribed to good coffee
  36. Talked to my neighbours
  37. Started a TV quiz night
  38. Started meal planning for the week
  39. Read Unconditional Parenting
  40. Made apple crumble for the first time
  41. Started a family cookbook
  42. Listened to the radio more

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